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Skin Renew Oxygen Mask

Oxygen mask:

Recapture Oxygen to your Face

Revive Dull & Delicate Skin in just 1 simple way


Refresh, rehydrate and rebalance skin with Oxygen Mask. Oxygen Mask not only moisturizes skin but aiding in revive lack luster skin. Formulated with “Bohr O2 Fluid” technology, this special “liquid ventilation” system stabilizes oxygen molecules and releases oxygen onto your skin’s surface to create an oxygen enriched layer within the skin. The skin will be saturate with oxygen which will then activates the cellular regenerative system of the skin which depletes with age and promotes wound healing process to facilitate the regeneration of healthy looking skin. When cells are under the high level of oxygen, unwanted toxics from the cell are able to discrete from the body by diffusion and this aiding to cure acne existing acne and prevent further breakout.



  1. Suitable for all skin type
  2. Wound healing & regenerate
  3. Refresh, rehydrate & rebalance skin texture
  4. Reduce age spots appearance
  5. Firming smoothing skin
  6. Balance & tone skin complexion
  7. Prevent DNA damage by the sun


Another great benefit is the use of Sodium PCA, a molecule that keeps your skin hydrated without making it oily. Lemon, which is one of the most potent forms of vitamin C, ensures your skin is getting the nutrition it needs.


  • Revive dull, lack luster skin and create a youthful, healthy glowing & radiant skin
  • Hydrate skin, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promote collagen and elastin production for a firmer, smoother skin
  • Prevent DNA damage by the sun by neutralize free radical
  • Balance and tone your complexion, reduce the appearance of age spots
  • Heal tissue imbalances and control blemishes and breakouts
  • Promote wound & scar healing of the skin


Direction of Use:

Apply oxygen mask onto the cleaned face。Leave for about 20 minutes.

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  • Refresh, rehydrate and rebalance skin texture
  • Formulated with“Bohr O2 Fluid”technology release an oxygen enriched layer within the skin
  • Promoted wound healing and regenerate
  • Enriched with Sodium PCA keeps skin hydrated, Lemon, vitamin C.
  • Suitable for all skin type