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Skin Renew Moisturizing Day Essence SPF35

Moisturizing Day Essence SPF35 is a lightweight essence type multiple function BB Cream drenches skin in deep hydration while protect the skin against harmful UV rays. It spread on the skin easily and maintains skin moisture for a translucency, radiant and glow complexion. Water resistant.


Moisturizing Day Essence provides a healthy, radiance glows and offer long lasting hydration. This light moisturizing cream contains hyaluronic acid and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate which will provides intense hydration and effectively diminish fine lines and wrinkles to achieve a bright complexion. After daily use, the face will have a clear, hydrated look with a bright complexion. Rough areas and wrinkles will be visibly reduced. Suitable for all skin type

  • Waterproof
  • Multiple function BB Cream
  • Against harmful UV rays
  • SPF 35 PA+++
  • Lightweight



  • Effectively controls melanin accumulation in the skin which cause by stimulation of U.V to the skin
  • Antioxidant, strengthen skin natural protective system.
  • Whitening the skin tone, prevention of skin tanning, sunburn
  • Good air permeability, non-comedogenic, with whitening and moisturizing, wrinkle-free, sun protection, moisturizing and improving skin
  • Broad spectrum
  • UVA & UVB protection
  • Good air permeability
  • Non-blocking pores
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Intense hydration and maintain skin moisture
  • Gives a translucency, radiant and glow complexion

Peony root extract

Gentle moisturizing, skin whitening and firming.

Squalene oil

Long-lasting moisturizing effect, reduce dry and dull skin, whitening and tightening effect

Vitamin C + Vitamin E

Repair fine lines. Antioxidant, prevent aging, maintain the smoothing of skin.


Make up remover ⇒ Cleanser ⇒ Tone ⇒ Eye Care ⇒ Special Care ⇒ Moisturizer ⇒ Moisturizing Day Essence SPF35


Apply sufficient amount to face and spread evenly across facial surface. Cream may give a whitish appearance upon initial application but will naturally blend with skin tone once absorb.


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  • Lightweight essence type multiple function BB Cream
  • With SPF 35 to protect against UVA & UVB rays .
  • Non-comedogenic and water resistant
  • Intense hydration and maintain skin moisture
  • A translucency, radiant and glow complexion
Contains Hyaluronic acid and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Titanium Dioxide. Suitable for all skin type

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