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Skin Renew Miracle Lotion A


A signature product that contains acne fighter ingredients with tri-acid complex of Salicylic Acid, Lipo Hydroxy Acid and Dioic Acid to help unclog pores, clear blemishes.

  • SOS for acne inflammation
  • Prevent new blemishes from forming
  • Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Minimize the appearance of blemishes
  • Fade acne scaring

Suitable for oily to acne blemish skin type



Miracle lotion, a signature product that contains acne fighter ingredients to provide a focused approach to treat, control and prevent acne. It is enriched with tri-acid complex of Salicylic Acid, Lipo Hydroxy Acid and Dioic Acid to help unclog pores, clear blemishes at an early stage and help prevent new blemishes from forming. The formula also helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, minimize the appearance of blemishes and fade acne scars. Skin is more refined, clearer and softer to touch.


♦ Prevent the build up of dead cell, increase cell turnover and unclog pores
♦ Alternative source for those sensitive to BenzoylPeroxide
♦ Effective to treat mild to moderate acne but not for cysts or nodules types
♦ It effectively to clear acne due to clogging pores or inflammation of blackhead
♦ Effective for acne-prone skin



♦ Newly approved drug for acne

♦ Reduction of inflammation is the approach of Niacinamide

♦ Provide a stabilizing influence on epidermal barrier function and an improvement in the moisture content of the horny layer

♦ Resulting in decreased inflammation

♦ Improve keratinizationprocess


Rosemary Extract

♦ Anti-inflammatory agent

♦ Reduces the acne lesions by 50%

♦ Rich in Iron, calcium, vitamin, antioxidant

♦ Powerful disinfectant

♦ Lighten dark spots and blemishes

♦ Lighten overall complexion

♦ Reduce swelling & puffiness

♦ Heal burn & soothe the skin

♦ Powerful cure for chronic skin condition like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis

♦ Cooling sensation and a bit of windy smell


Make up remover ⇒ Cleanser ⇒ Tone ⇒ Eye Care ⇒ Anti Inflammation Serum ⇒ Moisturizer ⇒ Sun Protection


Wet cotton pad with miracle Lotion A, gently wipe off to the affected area every morning and evening on clean face.


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