Skin Renew-Essential Nail & Hand Cream


  • Nourishing and Tender
  • Smooth Skin
  • Sun Protection
  • Perfect for dry and chapped skin



The magical argan oil from Morocco · Perfect for Hand Care

Moisturize your skin with this elegant and non-greasy lotion, enriched with Honey Extract and natural Argan Oil to deeply moisturize and repair dry and chapped skin, nourish and keep hands smooth and fair at all times.


Moisture Replenishment

– Nourishing and Tender

– Smooth Skin

– Sun Protection


  • Argan oil | Brings delicate touch to hands

The argan tree only grows in certain regions of Africa and Morocco. It has been seen to contain a lot of fatty acids, sterols, vitamin E and phenolic compounds. It not only has a significant effect on moisturizing function, but also restores the natural lipid barrier and delays skin aging.


  • Honey | Nourishment with natural care

Natural raw honey, which has good absorption


♥ Fast penetration

Argan oil is naturally non-irritating, gentle and skin-friendly, accelerates deep penetration, and instantly smoothed dry skin.


♥ Moisturizing

Good absorption, can form a natural moisturizing protection, effectively improve and prevent fine lines.


♥ Prevent dryness

The honey ingredient effectively injects sufficient moisture into the skin, deeply moisturizes, and prevents dry and rough hands.

Direction of use:

Wash and clean both hands. Take an appropriate amount of hand cream and apply it on your hands and gently massage your hands until fully absorbed.


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