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Skin Renew Deep Cleansing Gel

Skin Renew’s Deep Cleansing Gel is a soap free gentle facial cleanser which lifts away impurities and make up without drying the skin. It effectively removes stubborn water proof make up and unclog pores whilst aiding hydration to the skin. It is oil free, fragrance free and pH balanced to promote and maintain healthy looking skin. It gently purifies your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and mattified. The deep cleansing gel take care of all your facial impurities, leaving you with a fresh, revitalized glow in no time. It is designed for all skin types with mildest formulation and supreme cleansing property. It helps to unblocks and cleanses the pores, reducing the tendency to form blackheads. Sensation comfort and no irritation to eyes. Remove all pollutants and toxins from the skin in everyday life.


After face cleansing, apply evenly all over face and gently rub using circular motion. Wash off with water then apply daily skin care. Use in the morning to invigorate and freshen your skin; or at night, to gently remove impurities, including makeup and excess oil.


♦ Deep Cleansing, remove excess oil and impurities

♦ Purifying

♦ Hydrating

♦  Remove makeup

♦ Mild and gentle

♦ Refreshing and doesn’t draw tight

♦ Paraben free

♦ A gentle formula for stress-free skin
♦ Wake up fresh with skin that feels clean and mattified

♦ Helps to moisturize, plump and smooth the skin


Make up remover ⇒ Deep Cleansing Gel ⇒ Tone ⇒ Eye Care ⇒ Special Care ⇒ Moisturiser ⇒ Sun Protection


Wet the face with clean water. Massage onto the face using your fingertips. Rinse off with clean water. Avoid direct contact with the eyes and if necessary rinse them thoroughly with cold water.


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  • Soap & fragrance free gentle facial cleanser
  • Removes stubborn water proof make up and unclog pores
  • Whilst aiding hydration to the skin
  • Derived from Coconut Oil and Palm Oil
Suitable to use for normal to oily skin type