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Skin Renew Be Lift Instant Facelift Spray


Just 1 Spray

  • Instant face lifting serum spray
  • Instant Firming, Sculpturing, Contouring
  • Promote skin elasticity and strengthen skin cells
  • Reduces double chin, puffy face, unbalance facial contour.
  • Enriched with Kigelia Extract, Guarana Extract, Artichoke leaf extract.
  • Suitable for all skin type



Be Lift is a powerful instant and long lasting lifting solution that lift, firm, sculpt and contour the face and neck to give you a photogenic V-Shaped appearance. It is best for those who have double chin, puffy face, fatty cheeks and unbalanced facial contour.


1 Minute Instant Result

√ Firming

√ Anti Wrinkles

√ Reduce eye bag

√ Lifting

√ Pore Minimize

√ V Shape

√ Moisturizing

√ Brighten

Main Ingredients:

  • Strengthen and stabilize the collagen fibers that support the skin, thus having a firming effect.
  • Give skin a smoother appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkle depth
  • promote skin elasticity, naturally lighten pigmentation, reduce blemishes and increase circulation to the skin
  • Antioxidant and antibacterial effects
  • Toning and astringent properties
  • Reduce puffiness and create a smoothing effects
  • Improved the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin elasticity, help prevent photo-aging, and tighten prominent pores
  • Prevents pore sagging by strengthening and reinforcing cells from the inside

Steps of use:

Makeup remover ⇒ Cleanse ⇒ Tone ⇒ BE LIFT ⇒Eye Care ⇒ Special Care ⇒ Moisturizer ⇒ Sun Protection

Direction of use:

Apply twice daily on cleansed face before moisturizer. To enhance its effectiveness, it can be spray on the face with make up as frequent as possible.


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